I, Too, Am A Blind Dreamer

a friend of mine
asked me what my dream girl would look like.
well, Mel,

what do you think
a blind child sees
when he dreams of a shooting star
scarring the black night’s face like a tear
from the iris of some
gimcrack moon?

the specter of a sunshower
filtered through fog and my raindropped window
and my closed, slumbersome eyes.

by Jackson Riley

Comments (4)

Philosophical. Complicated. But I don't think you're a blind dreamer, you'rea very good dreamer actually, if your dream girl would look like that. Must be the most beautiful woman in the world! (Gave it a 10!)
you already know my thoughts on this piece. I do like this revision better than the original though...keep up the great writing my friend. Always, Amberlee
Experience is something that you don't get until just after you need it. You make a good point here. Trying to imagine what you've never known is a bit on the fantastic side. Well done.
I think blind dreaming goes with the tortured soul of a poet, quite naturally Jack. Ask a silly question, Mel got a poetically typical answer. You are a true poet. 10 from Tai