I, Too Am Aquainted With The Night

The silence of the day is at night
It is when people sleep and there is no light
When no one is afraid of height ‘cause there is no sight
That is when I walk gladly to my car
I drive around, not walk
I too, am acquainted with the night
No sunglasses are needed ‘cause there's no bright light
There only fear is the fear within
That this might happen even though it doesn't
How I hate to stop at that red light
Why stop when I am close to home?
The only fight is with the fear within
But all that has come to an end
‘Cause I too have become acquainted with the night.

by Victor Cruickshank

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Very well written poem, I like it's subject because I too, am aquainted with the night. You describe it very aptly n your poem. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn