An Ignorance A Sunset


An ignorance a Sunset
Confer upon the Eye—
Of Territory—Color—

Its Amber Revelation
Omnipotence' inspection
Of Our inferior face—

And when the solemn features
Confirm—in Victory—
We start—as if detected
In Immortality—

by Emily Dickinson

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Wonderful poem, brilliant.
I remember hearing that poem in 4th grade, it was very impressive on me as a young child and still is today at 62 years old. I believe that is when I first realized and fell in love with this country. Today, I am disappointed.
Hughes could sum up complex ideas in simple and short stanzas, and yet hit you with the effect of a punch to the gut. He was always my favorite author of love poems for this reason, but I adore this poem as well, for the same reason. It's sad that things in 2018 haven't progressed as far as he dreamed of, but I love that as a child I could read this work and envision what he was talking about.
Are Poems Allowed To Be On YGS? Just Asking So I Wont Get Taken Down.
Those days I've never the last stanza
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