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I Took For Granted

I took for granted, you'd always be here
Wasn't I oh so wrong
My love for you wasn't enough, to keep you by my side
I try to keep my head up high, thinking god needed you with him
But, I get so frustrated and mad
Why did he take you away from me, my precious little baby
My heart still aches to see your face, to hold you in a warm loving embrace
How can one go, oh so young, with so much left unndone
Such a short life, it was indeed
No time for words or love
Somedays it is hard to crawl out of bed
Knowing you won't be there
To smile at me, or hug me
To make my life crystal clear
I gues I took for granted, alot of things: including life
I guess I took for granted you would always be by my side

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: , , , (soooooo sad......
I think we all take for granted that our loved ones will be there tomorrow...not always the case...great message in this peice...keep strong
Very heartfelt piece. Loss of a loved one can be devastating, but we must move on because we have our own life to cherish.