I Travelled To The Mountains

I travelled to the mountains,
Through long and winding road,
My destination aimless,
Tune in to chill out mode.

I marvel at the mountains,
And breathe the cool clean air,
So strange to think that yesterday,
Was donned in deep despair.

I leave it all behind me,
Today, I’m simply free,
I’m running with the wind now,
For now, I’m being me.

I found a new horizon,
Where I may rest my eyes,
And sit awhile in wonder,
As the mountains pierce the skies.

And as I turn the corner,
I see what lies ahead,
Another stunning vista,
Is where, I’m being led.

I know the road I’ve travelled,
It’s been where I have been,
So full of twists and turnings,
An ever-changing scene.

I take a last look at the mountains,
And prepare to make my descent,
I’m heading for home and I’m happy,
Just knowing my journey was meant.

by Linda Harnett

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