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I Tried
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I Tried

Poem By Brandon Davis

I tried to make you mine,
I tried to make you smile,
I tried to be myself,
I tried not to try.

I tried to open up,
I tried to make you comfortable,
I tried to make you my Belle,
I tried to hide the Beast.

I tried to hard,
I tried not to lose your love,
Looks like I tried my best,
My best doesn't seem enough.

Join me for one last dance,
Your eyes left me lonely in this trance,
Ill let you take a peek into my world,
Show you my dreams and what might of been.

This world of mine is open to you,
Where a lost love may soon begin to brew,
We'll begin to grow,
Whatever we have it shall be steady and slow.

Another chance is all I need,
Maybe to let out feelings proceed,
But for nowill remember what we had,
Stay happy because those memories were far from anything sad.

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