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I Try
SM (nov.20.1990 / hospital)

I Try

i try

Current mood: angry

held down my emotions
my devotion
was towards finding answers
to the questions in my head
because they stickto my brain like
peanut butter stick to bread
like bonnie stick to clyde
like a crak head stick to gettin high
so i keep askin the question y
but since y is a croked letter
i guess i'll never get a stright answer
but still i try and i try
not to cry cause im soilid as a rock
so i hold my tears back
and let anger take me over
untill depression became my best friend
so much curiousity
mixed with anomosity
only made the the anger stronger in side of me
my haert is overwhelmed
with so much pain
so i try i try
to real loose from these
emotion chains......
{to be continuted}

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