I Try To Talk To You, You Turn Away

Poem By Amanda Baines

I try to talk to you, you turn away.
I try to comfort you, you cry all day.
It's been days since we talked, you won't look at me!
I scream and throw books, but it's like you can't see.
I talk reasonably to you, I try to argue, I cry,
It goes on all day, and I stop and wonder why?
I can't remember what happened, but you're so sad
What could have happened? It must be very bad,
I've never seen you cry, in all our years as man and wife,
What did I do to cause you all this pain and strife?
I see you walk towards the pool,
And in your hand, a small black jewel.
The ring you gave me on our anniversary - one year!
back then losing you had been my only fear.
you stop at the edge of the water and begin to cry
I cry too, but stop when you scream 'Why? '
'Why did you take her? Why did she leave? '
The threads of fear in my mind start to weave.
'You shouldn't have taken her! It wasn't her time!
Why can people get away with such crime?
They say they can't find him - it was just a hit and run,
but how do you deal when the two becomes one?
It' not fair! I just won't believe she's gone -
She'll come back around the house and sit on the lawn!
I can't go it alone - I just can't handle this
How did a walk in the park go so amiss?
'I want her back! I want to lie with her in our bed! '
But - I don't understand... Unless - I'm dead? !

Comments about I Try To Talk To You, You Turn Away

Wow! ! ! ! ! ! ! Totally aesome poem...this one sends chills up my spine. Imagine! ! The poor thing doesn't even know that she's passed on...it all makes sense, no wonder he won't talk to her...no wonder he's crying all day! ! ! ! Excellent Mandy! ! Hugs, Dee

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