I'Ts Over

If I am angry don't you think I have every right to be
What did I do to deserve you cheating on me
Trying to make you happy is all I ever tried to do
But no matter what I did, nothing it seems pleases you

Look at these tears, for they are the last you'll ever see
Never again will I allow you to keep on hurting me
You took me for your fool, all the while I was blind
But now I see and I'm putting all of this behind

I'm moving on with my life and you're out of it for good
I'm finding someone else who will love me the way you never could
For much too long I've put up with your empty promises and lies
I regret it took this long for me to finally realize

You will never see me again when I walk out that door
Better than you I can surely find and so much more
Rather than live in misery, I'd rather be alone
I Know I have what it takes to make it on my own

by Paul Adolphus

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OMG. Absolutely amazing. I'm sorry if this happened to you in real life.