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I Turned My Back On The World.
ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

I Turned My Back On The World.

When your new day starts without me.
Let your eyes no tears to fall.
It's the choosen way that is all.

The angel came to get me.
And took her hand to leave this world.
As I turned to walk away a tear left my eye.
When I knew my loved ones would stay behind.
It was then that I realised they'd come with me in my heart.
Just as I would stay with them in theirs.

All my life I had pain.
In my eyes it was forever stained.
So I choose to turn my back on the world.
And leave with the angel sent for me.

If there was another way for me to stay,
Belive me I would have stayed.
And my life would not have faded away.

Dont worry about me now,
Dont you cry no tears.
I'm in heaven above.
And we are not far apart.
I'll allways be in your heart.

I had to go when I heard god call.
It was my time to go.

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