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Rare Stanza - Heart In Hard Deeds
EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)

Rare Stanza - Heart In Hard Deeds

Poem By Muzahidul Reza

I used to be strong
Not letting my feelings show
I used to be with friends all the time
Now I'm hanging in my world
I used to care what people think of me
Now I could care less what they say
I used to keep my heart open
But now I keep my heart closed
I used to say somethings that was on my mind
But now I keep a lot of things to myself
I used to be into girly-girl styles
Now I just wear my own thing
I used to let the tears show
But now I try to keep the tears behind my eyes
I used to never go anywhere hardly
Now I go like crazy
I used to be boy crazy
But now I have guys that are friends for now
I used to be like the other girls
Now I'm a different girl

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past vs. now.... very cool... always makes for good reading and you get to know the writer better which is always a plus. Becca