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I Used To Be But Now I Am
CA (April 20 1991 / Pennsylvania sadly)

I Used To Be But Now I Am

Suicide secured a place somewhere in my mind
Suicide stomped right out when God took a stand in my mind
Confussion cramped my thought process making it unuseable
Confussion crawled right out when God untangled my thoughts
Lonliness lurked in the bottom of my soul
Lonliness left when God grabbed hold of my soul
Tears tortured my eyes everyday and my pillow everynight
Tears trembled away when God filled my eyes with himself
What I used to be is a broken black crayon in a box of white
What I am now is the crayon with which God colors the world.

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Love it, Cheyenne: excellent title, & you take us on a roller-coaster of feeling before such exuberant hope at the end. Thank you.