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I Used To Slip M&Ms To The Monkeys

I Used To Slip M&Ms To The Monkeys

I used to slip M&Ms to the monkeys at the zoo!
I threw a bag of chips to the llamas too
Gave an emu a fruit roll-up (ok..maybe two)
Later, I sipped tea with a giraff.
I saw eye to eye with an egret (which I didn't regret)
I traded jokes with a hyena until she started to laugh
and helped an elephant with his afternoon bath
but right now I know the perfect thing to do
to go motorcycling with you
because for that time you'll be with me
and we can just be pals and feel a little free
Because I understand animals and they seem to get along with me
(wait...that didn't come out right...)
I'll stroke your hair and dry your tears and peel away a few years
I'll mend your injuries...your heartbreak too so you can smile again like you
To once again feel free to frolic and play like a little kinkajou
or a coqui frog underneath the moon and stars upon a log
we can even go for a hike or a jog
It's OK if you hold my hand, I won't say a thing
as long as you don't mention my wedding band
I try to relate with her but my heart she doesn't understand
yeah, I'm a littlle bit second-hand

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