I'Ve A Story To Tell

I cannot lay claim to being a poet since i pen doggerel
But like every other human being I've a story to tell
A story of an ordinary life but a story just the same
And 'tis said that the most ordinary enjoy five seconds of fame.

As a young man in Duhallow i lived near Millstreet Town
In the old fields by my old home i daydreamed of literary renown
The birds of the woodland and the hedgerows i knew them by their song
But by their voices birds familiar and one should not get them wrong.

An amateur literary career i did choose to pursue
And to the literary way of life i remain ever true
An ageing addictive rhymer many years beyond my prime
And nothing extraordinary in that since anyone can rhyme.

My Goddess is in Nature in Nature i believe
The creator of all life forms and what she creates she receive
Amongst her earthy bosom all of her life forms must decay
And you and i no different for we must die one day.

To the mighty Goddess of Nature i only can relate
And at every opportunity her i will celebrate
I see her splendid beauty in every bush and tree
Your invisible Gods you can have but Nature will do me.

by Francis Duggan

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