CH (08/05/1988 / Johnstown, PA)

I'Ve Always Wondered

I've always wondered what you were thinking,
When you look at me weeping
I've always wondered if you could see,
Everything that is inside and about me
I've always wondered what you are all about,
Because inside I'm falling in love
I've always wondered was it all my fault,
Or was it just something that was all laid out
I've always wondered was it love or was it pain,
In my heart it must have been pain
I've always wondered why you pushed me away,
You just wouldn't let me stay
I've always wondered, could I forgive myself,
For trusting in someone else
I've always wondered, could I forgive you,
For leaving my heart broken with you

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Excellent poem, I can certainly relate to this, I've done this many times myself, been in the wonder mode. I still do at times of course, however I've found through the years it is best to clear your thougths with questions to the person you are wondering about. Be upfront and honest and have a clear, true discussion. Remember life is short and there's just not enough time for a lot of wondering. Like Dave said, and I agree it is best to get on with it. As I indicated previously, this is an excellent wonder poem. Melvina
Nice little read Court, but if I were you I would stop wondering and get on with it, hahahahahahahah have a gREAT day Love from dave xxx