I'Ve Become The World's Lover

Trapped in a box of 'special love'
there I was, fitted
like a hand in a glove

Lots of fun, sex,
food and pleasure,
I figured it was the grandest joy
far beyond measure!

and then...
a shyft came;
my limited giving
was to blame

My capacity to give more
became apparent,
I had closed a door
I was incoherent

Locked into my selfish,
egoic world view
serving myself and one other too

It was good and it was real
but it was not the final pill,
I was to take
and swallow hard,
but it went down- blew up my heart!

I saw my brothers, all God's kids;
all one family outside of bliss!

So one at a time
they pass by
I love them all, I won't deny
nothing outside of me
is separation
each man, flower, or entire nation

All expressions of The Divine
One big family, no burden is mine

It is easier to love it all
not parse my love, not have a wall

I see now how hard it was
to love the right ones
all the fuzz and fruitless fun

Now I see all as
my brothers,
my friends, my family,
just God

All one Surname
there are no frauds

I could go on and on
for God's love is infinite...
But let us sit still
and feel God for a minute

Mmmmmmm, God is good
and so is love
hug each other
return the earth to above,

by Chuy Amante

Comments (2)

A lovely penning about love after realizing the same through experience as it is detailed here. Yes, there is no alternative to love to have the real and ultimate peace of mind. You may read my poem Power of love
Beyond all pleasures of the body and of the world, there is pleasure in loving God and loving every one indiscriminately, unceasingly and selflessly! So you have come out of the narrow box to the wide world of love and concern for others! I am moved by your zeal and your desire to be the apostle of love!