I'Ve Been Addicted To You

By the sugariness of your milk
By the womanliness of your silk

By the fragrance of red rose
By the affection butterfly shows

By the lullabies of cool breeze
By the swaying of tall trees

By the glory of sunrise
BY the sorrow of goodbyes

Now I know one thing is true
I've been addicted wholly to you


by Per. Nig.

Comments (17)

How natural events and things can remind of a good woman. When in love everything is in primary colours.
Well, like all the women I really like this poem! It flows, it rhymes and it is speaking so delightfully to a woman. Karin Anderson
Wow! Terrific. The kind of style in poetry I always adore. Please try my poem MY QUESTIONS. You may like it.
Ah, the fragrant words of a man in love. Great peice you must well know by now. God Bless, Linda Peace to you and your great nation.
interesting, i like it, good peom
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