I'Ve Been Adoring Goddess Of Nature

I've been adoring Goddess of Nature since I was very young
And I like many others her praises have often sung
Her beauty all around me I see it every day
And in my lowly gift of doggerel respect to her I pay
I have been admiring Nature since I was a school going boy
And a thing of natural beauty is always a source for joy
The years have left me older the Seasons come and go
But my love for Goddess Nature it only seems to grow
Her wildborn birds chirp and whistle on bush and hedge and tree
Amazing Goddess Nature that's how she seems to me
Words unfit to describe her with her none to compare
Her beauty all around me I see it everywhere
The Goddess of the World from north to southern shore
She has been around forever and will live forever more.

by Francis Duggan

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