I'Ve Been Advised To

I've been advised to give penning stuff away
That it's about time that I called it a day
I've written of Nature of insects and bees
And of songbirds who sing on the bushes and trees.

I've written of people the living and the dead
And perhaps too much I have written and too much I have said
About life in general in doggerel rhyme
I've been penning stuff since I was in my prime.

And that is going back thirty three years ago
When I lived in the Land of the black and gray crow
Without financial gain or without any fame
Like most others for me penning verse a hungry belly game.

One might say I've written a whole heap of stuff
And some friends tell me I've penned far more than enough
But I tell them the truth since to them I don't lie
That I'll be penning verse till the day that I die.

by Francis Duggan

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