I'Ve Been Called Worse Things Than A Rhymer

I've been called worse things than a rhymer and worse things than that one might name
The poets are those who write the poetry the poets are those who know of fame
I suffer of compulsive obsession compulsion to pen doggerel
The stuff I write long out of fashion the rhymes I make I cannot sell.

I never say I am a writer about my hobbies I keep quiet
The poets deserve all of the attention since words with great feelings they write
At poetry readings and literary gatherings I've never been asked to recite
Such an honour bestowed on poets only and poetasters they do not invite.

But don't say of me that I do not love Nature for that indeed would be a lie
My love for that marvellous green Goddess is one thing I would never deny
She changes her cloaks with the Seasons her beauty for all to enjoy
And us Humans are only mere mortals we live for awhile and we die.

But Mother Nature she lives on forever though her Seasons they come and they go
And her streams and rills flow to her rivers and her rivers to her oceans flow
She grows the food for our kitchen table without her we would starve to death
Yet we pollute her air and water and cut down her tall trees
for which we may live to regret.

We'll leave the poets to write the poetry but to Mother Nature I'll bow
Though many worship their unseen gods and some even worship a cow
I've been called worse things than a rhymer and the truth can be a hurtful thing
But leave me to love Mother Nature for her praises I would rather sing.

by Francis Duggan

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