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I'Ve Been Planted

I've Been Planted

I've been planted and carefully placed
Like a new vine innocent and chaste
The Gardener planted me here
With loving hands sincere
He gave me everything I need
To make it through and too succeed
He prunes away the deaden branch
And carefully binds the wounds of stanch
He is mindful that I need healthy roots
So in return I will bear much fruit
For this is expected of me
I've been planted and carefully placed by Thee

31 Dec 2007

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this is a very beautiful tribute to our Lord
JoAnn, This has an unusual title, but what a poem. Loved from beginning to end. The message it brings is hope eternal. Lovely my friend. New growth from old, stronger and wiser. Cutting away the dead unusable bits to bring body stronger again. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. Happy New Year my special friend. David