I'Ve Been Reviewing That Same Message For Years

Your experiences will benefit,
Others with a motivational uplifting.

'How many times are you going to say that?
And how many times have I told you,
I have yet to heal...
From being dragged through the mud.
Laughed at as if I had 'fool' printed on my forehead.
Or ridiculed because I choose to live a basic life.
And I have today chosen to do what I like.
Even though meager of means...
My peace of mind means the world to me.'

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
But look...
They are now willing to pay you big bucks for your efforts.
You can pay to have any escapade you want.
Get as far away from being annoyed as often as you wish.

'There is a big difference.'

What are you saying?

'My peace of mind...
Is priceless.
Even though I can not believe,
The price I had to pay to get it.
My experiences are mine.
I do not wish to be reminded on a daily basis,
Who could care less about giving me stress.
Because I've endured the mess they have kept.
And to accept a payment as a sacrifice,
For my patience I volunteer to give up and neglect...
Is not to me a reason,
I should get upset to get arrested...
For having my hands around some children's necks.

They, you...
Or anyone else,
Will not discover me in a prison cell...
Babbling with confessions,
About 'how' I attempted to do my very best.'

Your experiences will benefit,
Others with a motivational uplifting.

'Should I repeat what I just said? '

I get the message.

'Trust me.
I've been reviewing that same message for years.
Everytime I am approached,
By someone who wishes to ruin...
What to me has already been made clear.
No one is going to pay me,
To tour the inside of a prison cell.
To lock behind me with a throwing away of a key.
Not me.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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