I'Ve Been Such A Lucky Fellow

If I should die tomorrow I've had a happy life
Never had a major accident and never known heartbreak
Never known what it's like to be really hungry and lady luck's been kind to me
And every morning after six as a free man I awake

To the pleasant sounds of Nature of Mother Nature's family
The wild birds chirping and singing on every bush and tree
And light of day is shining in through my window pane
And who would not feel happy another day to see.

I am such a lucky fellow I've had a happy life
I've never been in prison and the gift of freedom I enjoy
I could have been born in a Third World Country living in dire poverty
And though not a money millionaire few luckier than I.

I am such a lucky fellow lady luck is kind to me
And my healthy though ageing body is free of any ache or pain
And though I am not seen as wealthy or successful I have never known poverty
And I've never known of the heavy crosses of which others can complain.

by Francis Duggan

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