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I've Been There

Feeding into the temptation.
Jumping on the rocket.
Taking off into outer space.
I'm on a whole different level.
I've been alone.
I've been busted, beating down, and bleeding.
I've been under a blanklet in the coldest cold.
I've had my hands out for food.
I've been to a hospital for the pills.
Cheap tricks, and thrills.
Somethings words of the best intentions won't heal.
I've been told to chill.
I've been told you'll never make unless you take it.
So it's mine, so it's mine.
Capture the very last sunrise.
Putting my dark night in play.
What can I say.
Someones got to be predator and prey.
I've been chased.
I've been in jail.
I've been in an accident.
I've been in a fire.
You just can't kill me.
I won't be silenced.
Ever under the knife.
Upon duress, and the greatest stress.
Don't you know I wear a bullet proof vest.
Even to a preist I won't confess.
Deepest secrets held closest to the chest.
I watched my best friend die right before my eyes.
I've cried.
I have tried to commit suicide.
I've been there from the day I was born.
So you have now have been warned.

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