I've Been To The Saltbush Country

I've been to that coastal countryside where the coastal saltbush grow
Where huge saltpans glisten in the sun white as new fallen snow
The brown dry sand and dust does take to flight when the freshening winds do blow
In remote South Australia where the Murray waters flow

Dark deep and wide at a snail's pace near it's final destiny
Crawling onwards ever slowly to the great Pacific sea
Through old paddocks dry and dusty once the lands of the Dreamtime
That has inspired the Nature artists and writers of story and rhyme

Had i the gift of rhyming words i would surely pen a song
Of the dry and arid countryside known to most as the Coorong
Of saltpans, scrub and saltbush and in need of far more trees
Where the first Australians lived, fished and hunted and had their corroborees

I've been in the saltbush country by the thirsty coastal winds left bare
Where there is scarce enough of edible grass for to keep life in a hare
Where the waters of the Murray near the sea crawls deep and slow
Through the old lands of the Dreamtime where the hardy saltbush grow.

by Francis Duggan

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