I'Ve Come To Deliver Sincerity

Do you think at my age,
I've come to whisper sweet nothings...
With a nibbling done to your ears?
As you can witness and see,
There is nothing materialistically...
I offer to present to tease you.
And I am not going to work that hard,
To produce for you temptations.
I've been there and done that.

Who doesn't know writers and poets are broke?
And most of us not running to the bank,
Are already considered jokes.
And I am not here to provoke my beliefs.
To debate in argument to have my ego pleased.
That's not me.

I've come to deliver 'sincerity'.
And that I know you are not accustomed to getting.
That is why you prepare yourself,
To object with a defensiveness.
And I just want us to exchange conversation.
Do you remember those times,
When that was the only thing on people's minds.
With a doing of that done!

Today people run,
In fear of it!
Believing someone solicits from them a payment.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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