I've Done Enough

Poem By Jeremy Willson

I have plenty of questions
That slowly eat away at me
Like a plague in the water
And all you are is the rain
The sun doesn't shine
On a man like me
God has punished me
For the things I've done
Yet I still believe in him
I grasp at faith
With all that I have
Cause that's all that I have left
I'm a bundle of forgotten hope
Maybe that's not so bad
It'd be easier to give up
How I've wanted to
So many times, I've lost count
I don't know if it's stubborness
That's kept me moving forward
But I'm glad I met the people I have
I'm happy I am who I am
Even if I'm nobody
That'd be okay too
It's okay.

Comments about I've Done Enough

Very often questions rise in mind and we get puzzle. But still there is hope in life. We move forward to get happiness. This is interestingly penned poem is shared.10
If the flowers and the birds matter to God, how much more a child of God. Don't ever give up. If you have questions it is because God wants you to seek Him for answers. A great reflection of heart. A 10

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