I Carried On As A Wayward One

I carried on as a wayward one,
Self-destructive head space my life became undone,
But with a weary head and rhythm less chest
I couldn’t cry no more but still miss lead and deceived
Be everything everyone even my airless breaths

The noise from the silence of depression was destroying
Hammer blows on tin with the weight of bass never receding
I carried on intensely as a wayward one,
Hoping at the end there would be peace when im done

Now I find myself in a dancing spot
Everyone gathered round to see what they can do,
But this place holds no charm for me, its true…
Too concerned with bigger things, deluded into thinking i
Could grab all the pearls, diamond and dragons wings

Masquerading as man of reason and resolution
But the charade left me broken and left in full confusion,
But I was still soaring ever higher, I touched the sky and this time
I knew I flew too high,
Dropping to an ocean of the mind, fraught with cascading
Thought and intense mess of emotions lost in time

I never meant to be so bad to you,
One thing I said I’d never do,
I never meant to be so mad in a manic state
One look from you you and I would fall from my grace
Wiping that snarling smile right off my face

But Once I rose above the noise and confusion
Just to get a glimpse beyond the illusion,
Reality exploded with light love and harmonious solution
Peace be upon my heart now and calm within my mind
For no longer am I a wayward one,
Reminiscing over all the things ive done,
It hurts to know, but I learned from everything ive ever done
And from this point I will grow to be a better one

by Daniel Richards

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Fantastic stuff! I love the passion and conviction of the message and the determination to never faulter from your beliefs. It evokes great strong will and I like it for that. Its very moving.