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I`ve Got A Secret!

I've got a secret! Oh, I've got a secret!
But I made a promise I wouldn't repeat it.
I've got a secret! Yes, I've got a secret!
But I took an oath and I vowed I would keep it.

Nothing and no one can make me reveal
this wonderful secret I swore I'd conceal.
No form of torture can make me disclose,
this secret I promised I wouldn't expose.

From now until doomsday my secret I'll keep;
I won't breathe a whisper or utter a peep.
Unless you assure me that you'll keep it too -
then maybe, just maybe, I'll share it with you.

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A very cute poem... ending as all secrets do.... well done.
A lovely and real rhyming poem and wasn't expecting the end to be humorous.