I'Ve Got It


if you need the help
i'm there
if the ball is coming my way
i got it!
same with advice
same with help
i have it and you can
come and get it. but what i


is when you expect me to give you help
and you take it for granted
and you take that want
for me to help you away
when you get annoying and
ask me for more and more and more
the day is gonna come when i cant give no more
and you will suffer
cuz you cant do anything yourself
and you always ask my help

dont ask for something you could do yourself


i cant take it when you do this to me
and i wish you would finally see
what is happening to you
and what is happening to me
i have just about had it with saying


Comments about I'Ve Got It

Very wonderful lesson of self-reliance has been ingrained in this poem which is morally very upright.....10/10 Best Wishes Sameer
nice job on this, anything or anyone that this would pertain to?

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