I'Ve Had All That I Can Take

There is so many hopes, and so many dreams.
How do you go about achieving these things? when there's
dust clouding my vision of things.

Your body, and your mind tells you to go but your soul wont give you the strength to make you go.

Chains, and ropes lock you down; so how can you lift yourself from the ground if you feel so low?

I say to myself i've had all that i can take, but if thats so god has the will to take my life away... Here i am with a pen writing my life away, day after day i still awake.

Many may not know my place on earth, at times neither do i in my eyes holds the truth never to unfold a lie

I am a blessing, a true one in deed, I've had all that i can take.. will you have the courage to take my life and use it as a key? its funny because i never said what my life was a key to and the possible things it leads to

Here i give you a gift-
not life but i am the one that holds the keys to life; just because i've had all that i can take will you be caring and take away some of life's weights that holding me down or will you be like other that looks down upon a person thats on the ground-
knowing that the true saying goes 'never look down upon someone unless your helping them up'..whether you answer my question i'm never giving up!

by Queen Taz

Comments (2)

Kevia this poem is amazing i think it is one of your best poems good write
This is a poem with many fine qualities. In an imperfect world we all search for purpose. Sometimes we wonder why life can be so difficult. Often we don't know which way to turn. Be true to yourself. I like the way your poem ends on a positive note.