I'Ve Heard That Christ Was Irish

Poem By Joe Hughes

I've heard that Christ was Irish,
Some say he was a Jew,
But he had Irish traits for sure,
I know of one or two.

He clearly roamed the Holy Land
For three years - maybe more,
Where storytelling was His game -
An Irish streak for sure.

His final supper took just minutes,
The whole thing was so fast,
Another Irish quirk for sure -
The quickest Irish Mass.

Turning water into Guinness -
A miracle He couldn't claim
But He drank wine for certain -
We know drink's an Irish game.

He stayed at home till thirty,
Didn't have His own bedsit,
Every Irish parents nightmare,
A son who wouldn't flit.

I know that Christ was Irish,
He just couldn't be a Jew,
But the final test would surely be -
Did he like Irish stew?

Comments about I'Ve Heard That Christ Was Irish

Sure sounds like Christ was Irish! Nice work!
Hee hee hee. Fun one, I liked it! Hugs Anna xxx

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