I'Ve Learnt How To Walk In The Sunshine

Poem By Anji Carter

I've learned how to walk in the sunshine,
There's plenty for any who try.
The curtains are open, it's daytime,
There's not much to see in the night.
Shimmering in the day bright,
The shafted light high in its beams,
Yesterday's shadows can't hide it,
There's something that waits to be seen.
The bench is so cold and so wooden,
Scraping the backs of my knees.
The chill of the iron, curving my palms,
And flowers can cause me to sneeze.
Sitting out here on the sidelines,
Or hiding away in the stands,
Resting awhile in the shadows,
Thinking of far away lands.
Waiting for time to start healing,
For what was once broken, to mend.
For ‘Laughter' to sit down beside me,
And ‘Happiness' tell me we're friends.

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This is amazing...looking forward to reach your level of creativity someday, I admire it!

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