I'Ve Learnt To Laugh In Grief

Delicate you are,
Fragile-agile roses!
Thou art Boldness;
Angels on earth you must be.
Praising you, I praise He.

‘Thorn bleeding laugh'
Spaced into the beautiful eyes
Of many-many wise,
All must observe, I pray,
If, not yet you observed,

I told you dear, in brief,
My brethren, Seeing them;
I've learnt to laugh in grief.

by Aftab Alam

Comments (17)

You have got a poet'seal in writing
good write, good reads strong and courage
This is only the positivity in our lives that is required to propel us farther and farther. Let me quote a few lines from the poem: I told you in brief / My brethren, Seeing them / I learnt to laugh in grief. Thank you.
it is difficult to laugh when in grief a great write
love is fraught, some fight, others 'laugh', though it's really 'laugh in grief'.
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