I'Ve Loved

Like every story it had it pains,
leaving me wondering, why haven't i let go?
But it's sweetness inside me remains,
making me feel like i still love him so.
His smile and his sweet words,
i loved that, i couldn't have asked for more.
But with all the pain, it hurts,
when i see him and i can't smile like before.
I had days of joy from the sun,
i was so happy being with him and all.
Why can't i? i was loved by some one,
as he had my heart and he had my soul.
I had my share of happiness from this life,
and i remember when i cry in pain for a while.
That this love was a reason for my strife,
to end soon and all are gone for the sake of his smile.
He was the one, whenever my heart beats,
i remember, this love was my days, it was me.
No wonder i spend days looking him in the streets,
he knew how to make me alive, he knew me.
Now, i have a new story on the side,
of the rest of my stories to tell about.
Now, i have this aching in my mind,
when i think of him, the one i can't live without.
How can i be over the look of his eyes,
how can i leave my stars dark still above? ?
I've loved, how can i say otherwise? ?
i was alive once and i've loved....

by Eman Awad

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Whoa, that was a sharp write Eman. You covered a lot with this here poem! Always, Linda