BAA (06OCT58 / Alton, IL)

I'Ve Never Been Sad

I did not have a very remarkable birth,
but I have journeyed to the center of Earth!
I don't have a wife, a son, or a daughter,
but I've swum with the merpeople, under the water!

I have an ordinary, everyday face,
but I have travelled, through time and through space!
I'm not a great athlete, I'm blubber and bone,
but I've marched with the armies of Greece and of Rome!

I can't write great poetry, I can't sing at all,
but I've fought in bright armor, with Amadis of Gaul!
I don't have much money. I don't own a thing,
but I've touched dragon's gold and the Nibelung's ring!

My homes not expensive. I live in a shack,
but I have soared over, the rainbow and back!
My job's not important. I'm not my own boss,
but I've bled with the Nazarene, up on the cross!

There've been no great loves in my life for to tell,
but with Dante I've visited Heaven and Hell.
Some people might say that my life has been bad,

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