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I'Ve Never Crossed Such A Sea
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I'Ve Never Crossed Such A Sea

Poem By Bill Simmons

I have always been everything
I could ever be for you
I always made it through somehow
I so believed in you

But this time what you lay before me now
I've never seen such a heavy load
I don't know if I’ll get through somehow
I've never been down this road

I have crossed the hills and streams
And for you to distant shores
But you lay before an ocean now
I've never been this far before

I have always in you believed
That I could do most anything
But I don't believe I’ll get through this time
I've never crossed such a sea

I have always believed in you
But this time love so cries
I will try but afraid that I
This time will see love die.

Copyright 2005 Bill Simmons
aka BillWilliamStar@aol.com

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