I'Ve Not Been To Jerusalem

No one told me it was easy
No one told me that this life
Would be only joy and happiness
And lacking any strife.

No one told me it was easy
No one said it was a breeze
With no problems on the journey
And just doing as I please.

No one told me that my future
Would be more troubled than my past
For I was young and optimistic
And lived each day as if my last.

No one told me that those black clouds
Would not be followed by blue skies
For I believed in providence
And no failure could be mine.

No one told me that this blackness
Would come a’knocking at my door
No one told me that my circumstance
Would not be hopeful anymore.

No one told me, no one told me
And I’m past remembering
The day those storm clouds gathered
And then dark was everything.

No one sees me, no one sees me
And I do not wonder why
For I simply am a virus
That makes problems multiply.

When I see you, when I see you
When my shadow hides your sun
Please look at me as who I am
Not what I have not done.

When you see me, when you see me
And you wonder where I’ve been
I’ve not been to Jerusalem
But to somewhere in between.

by David Keig

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