I've Sinned, I've Loved Too Much

O Lord, I have sinned
O woman, I've loved too much
The bees are never satisfied
It is the molasses of the sexy flowers
O God, I've loved too much
O woman, I have sinned
I came to confess
I am distressed
Lord in the Heaven
I need to be forgiven
Nature is very pretty
And the feminine's skin is so silky
To not stare or to look at
And sometimes to praise
O God, I have sinned
O woman, I too have licked
And sucked the petals of the flowers
Under the pristine sun. What an error
Nowadays, things are not the same anymore
Since one lies, sneers, jokes and blasphemes
O woman, I have loved too much
O God, I have sinned too much.

Copyright © January 2018 Logerie Hébert, All rights reserved
Hébert Logerie is the author of several collections of poems.

by Hebert Logerie

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