I Wait And I Rest

While the whole world decides
What my earthly best is
I just rock on my porch
Keep from making bad deals
I wait, I rest.

I keep my eyes out for scams
While I pay a few bills
I retreat to my God
Making sure to keep it real
I wait, I rest.

I know everything is done
Its to my great Gods will
No need to give up
So I just sit here and chill
I wait, I rest.

It seems mighty hard
Times really are rough
But I believe God is saying
That enough of something is enough.
I wait, I rest.

The eagle waits for the winds
Of the strong storms to blow
While the storm is below
The eagle spreads wings and soar.
I wait, I rest.

Look at all of the things
God has the world arranging to do
When it all pans out
Trust in His care its for you.
I wait, I rest.

by Cecelia Weir

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