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I Wait For You...
(28 November 1880 – 7 August 1921 / Saint Petersburg)

I Wait For You...

Poem By Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok

I wait for you. The years in silence pass
And as the image, one, I wait for you again.

The distance is in flame -- and clear one as glass,
I, silent, wait -- with sadness, love and pain.

The distance is in flame, and you are coming fast,
But I'm afraid that you will change your image yet,

And will initiate the challenging mistrust
By changing features, used, at long awaited end.

Oh, how I will fell -- so low and so pine,
Unable to overcome my dreams' continued set!

The distance is such bright! And azure is so fine!
But I'm afraid that you will change your image yet.

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Comments (9)

Its hard to appreciate a poem whose language is removed from its mother tongue, but it still leaves an impact on the reader. The absence of love is still felt.
beautiful, like the longings expressed by mystic saints.
A great classical poem deserving poem of the day due to mysticism around the theme and images that could have a numder of interpretations.
waiting under the azure blue sky distance.... far away and far changing comes through the unstable time yet waiting comes to never end......
The distance is in flame! ! ! ! Waiting. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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