We Fought

With a roar we went
Through the darkness we plunged
Through the skies tears
We fought
With our loves on our minds
We fought
We fought
Till our bodies fell to the mud, an unworthy grave, smothered in red poppies

by Racina Rodriguez

Comments (3)

Breathtaking..beautifuly done.
Not your hearts-and-flowers kind of sonnet. He goes down and dirty as he explores his feelings of exile from God. In the middle of this alienation and self-loathing, he wakes up in the dark in more ways than one. He is yearning for the light of day, again in more ways than one. In the rest of the first quatrain, he talks about the “black hours” and the terrors he has experienced in this seemingly endless night. In the second quatrain, he says that where he has said hours he means years. In fact, his whole life has been lived in the dark of separation from God, yearning for the light of final union. All of his prayers to God have been like dead letters, sent to one who is distant but not delivered. This is your down-down-down-and-the-flames-grow-higher kind of sonnet.
Well written gerard