I Walk A Path

I walk a path

Shining with with light

The rays of creation

Radiating love

I Walk a path

That has a stairway

That leads me up

To the highest peaks

And it shows me all life

In its beauty

And it shows all life

Beyond the stars.

I walk this path

And climb these stairs

On my own

But I am not scared

For I have the spirits

Of creation

Always there.

As I look out

On this wonderous

World I see

The miracles

The beauty

And it sets me free

Knowing this and seeing

Creations wonders

Then I know

It's worth fighting for.

So I will use my

Love and use

My compassion

And I will use my

Words to cut a swath

Through all those

Who wish too

Exploit and harm

This world in anyway

As I fight for home

That creation made.

I will fight for the trees

And humanity

I will fight for

The fish in the sea

I will fight for all things

Creation born

For in the end

With all that exists

We share this home.

by Fauxcroft Wade

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