I Walk Alone

In to this world I walk alone
when I know my heart shall guide me
to set me free I am wishing to know
who could she be the one in search of me
when do I let down my guard
I wish this game of love wasn't so hard
for I wish some times I was blind
so I couldn't see your saddness or your tears
for when we embrace I shall feel your heart
for it will not lie
as I hold you ever so close I feel your heart moving so slow
when you kiss me I will taste the ocean from your lips
which you could set my heart in motion
when I wipe away the tears from your eyes
before I go into this world alone
which I have no home of my own
I am searching for you knowing this is ever so true
wishing you would love me too
but for now I walk alone

by Fredrick McDonald

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