I Walked Where Hemingway And Faulkner Walked

Poem By Larry B. Stell

I walked where Hemingway wrote his book
“Across the River and Into the Woods”
It was a great adventure also that led me abroad
It is rapture to have lived so near where the river lay flat
And the colonel shot the ducks from a barrel that day!
Compare Hemingway with Faulkner
Two great minds illuminating literature
Literature exquisite and bright!
Hemingway so adept and clear
Faulkner so complex within
Compare the two,
But I walked where Hemingway walked and wrote
In Italy, the north, “Across the River and Into the Woods! ”
The setting shone so bright!
William Faulkner and a book like “Pylon, ” stirs the soul
That book, lucid, yet complex, with depiction of a city so warm
Intriguing New Orleans, a city with European taste
I also lived there and saw the setting of that 30s book!
Compare the two bright stars, if I really dare?
Hemingway, so simplistic in style,
Faulkner so complex, so deep within!
Have the two ever been so adroitly compared?
I think not; it is an avenue to be discovered, to vastly explore
Why does one make the comparison?
Because great minds have achieved and excelled
These two intensely rewarded, already have received their accolades,
Already acknowledged
I walked there, in Italy and all its past
But do we dare question the mind within, of William Faulkner?
Eternally to be explored and dissected in depth
Only the South can tell, his vastness may someday
Produce that one again who can achieve his mode
And again, Hemingway, widely traveled, visions broad and wide
But only Hemingway and Faulkner are models so great
Often explored and exciting to compare!

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