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I Wana Live My Life With You
BB bhavesh bafna ( / )

I Wana Live My Life With You

The girl with the curl and the red ribbon
The sweet sensation giving me all the blue
i want you to know girl
It’s the kind of phase I am going through
In which there’s noting I wont do for you
I think I love you
I wana live my life with u….

My heart is singing for you…my soul is reaching for you
Now I yearn for your affection
I’m feeling a connection…r u feeling it too?
so please make my this one wish come true
Wana live my life with u….

Whenever you want me all you have to do is call
I will crawl and come straight into your arms
Ive found you in my heart..
only death can pull us apart
You touched my heart in a special way
That’s when I knew our love was here to stay
I love you every which way..every moment
I Cherish..that’s all I wana do
Yeah.. I wana live with you…

I want you to be by my side
In every phase of my life
In everything I do
Wana dance..wana sing..wana do all the fun things
Would you be wearing my ring, share a vow
And willing to start something new..
Cause my love for you is so special so true
I wana spend my life with u..
its true I wana live my life with u…

when its cold when its dark
when the going is not good..
nothing makes sense..and I don’t have a clue
I find my support in you
I wana live my life with you..
just cant go on without u...
wana live....

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A little bit like a lyric, but a nice one at that