DH (Unknown. / )

~* I Wanna...

I wanna run my hand in your long brown hair..
knowing your not bald..
I wanna kiss those lips of yours..
cuz I bet they taste sweeter then cheerios..
I wanna hold you in my arms..
as you rest on my chest..
I wanna watch you fall asleep..
knowing you feel safe and warm in my arms..

I wanna wake up to your beautiful face..
kissing your forehead..
I want to wake you up with breakfast on the table..
seeing you smile..
I wanna wrap my arms around you..
keeping you safe..
baby.. we got this lifetime..
We got all day..
let us love away..
let us be free,
and soar into the sky..
lets see the world,
and be all we can..
whatever you decide..
I'll be right by your side..

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very sweet nicely written...............
This is beautiful it made me laugh when you said better than cheerios