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I Wanna Be With You
SP ( / Mumbai)

I Wanna Be With You

I really want to be with you though,
More than anything in the world,
I think you're my true love,
The one I will always adore.

I love when you give me hugs
And when you hold my hand.
When you put your arm around me,
And you hold onto me tightly.

I wish I could tell you the truth,
About the love I feel for you,
The way you're never off my mind
And how I wish you were mine.

I never expected me and you
Now I'm left here lost and confused
wondering what i should do
to tell you if i like you too?
i don't know what to feel and if you still feel the same
Your name is stuck repeating in my head,
over and over again
I think i like you, but is it too late?
have you moved on or did u wait?
I don't know what to do...
and what to tell u?
If only you could hear how i feel
so you can take the lead and bring me near.

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