EH (July 5th 1986 Cancer's Stand Up! / Fayetteville, North Carolina)

I Wanna Hold You

For My Mother

The doctors told you I had a hole in my heart
Your little boy was getting off to a rough start
Only a few years on this earth and I needed serious surgery
It’s funny how this experience only strengthened the bond between you and me

You see... no son of yours was going out without a fight
You stood beside my hospital bed late into the night
Watched over me as I played with my toys, oblivious to the severity of my situation
Then something special happened in the midst of the complication
Maybe I sensed how afraid you were, because I looked into your eyes and said…
I wanna hold you

And that’s exactly what you did
Climbed into my bed and held me
Your little boy grew up to be healthy and strong
Led by your guidance and watchful eye
So much of the man I am today is because of you

My strength, my poetry, my rhythm… that’s mom
I know this for a fact because we’ve both seen my father dance
There are so many things I love about you
Like the way you always buy brown eggs instead of white,
Not because they taste any different, but you always wanted to support the colored eggs

I love our movie nights
Even though you’re knocked out by the end of the last one
These are some of my favorite moments between mother and son
You’re the personification of a phenomenal woman
The queen of the queen city
And I will always be your little prince from outer space

I know the fact that I was so far away was hard for you
But when I finally succeed, know was of the morals and values you instilled in me
I’m not afraid to stand up here and say at the age of 22
I will always… always wanna hold you

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