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I Want A Love That's Like A Faded Pair Of Jeans

I want a love that's like a faded pair of jeans
The kind that's washed and worn so many times
and fits so comfortably, just right
like a part of me, but not pulling or tearing at the seams
I like something comfortable and warm and soft
that fits me like a glove
the thing I'm most comfortable in
because when I wear a suit and tie
I'm dying the whole time to take them off
but my favorite jeans I wear so oft
I wear them when I work and play
I wear them in the mud and rain
and they're soiled with oil
or I slide in grass and they get a stain
I try to clean them carefully
with hope of keeping them a long time
and wearing them again
It's not a chore, not a pain
It never feels in vain
They're what I live in
and they treat me like a friend
tightly woven cotten wears and takes a mend
built strong to last and soft to touch 'till the end
I want love to be like a faded pair of jeans
I'm not a man of lofty dreams
my dreams are simple and I'm of humble means
I hope that love once found never fades away
I hope it lives beyond my life after my day
I don't know if God will welcome me
But at least he does in dreams
If I should go, and have that special love
we all dream of
If she really does love me true
love will somehow see us through
Please bury me in my favorite pair of faded jeans

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